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Everything You Need to Know About Flossing


Taking care of your teeth goes beyond just brushing twice a day. It is equally important that you floss every day as well. Brushing will help get the plaque off your teeth that is on the front and back surfaces, and it will help remove the food particles and bacteria that are hiding between your teeth.

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Steps to Prepare for Root Canal Treatment


Root canal therapy has a bad reputation for being invasive, lengthy, and painful. Much of this stigma comes from the memory of outdated procedures and anesthesia that could not adequately keep a patient comfortable during a root canal procedure. However, with modern techniques and adequate pre-therapy preparation, this essential treatment can alleviate a patient's tooth pain with few risks or side effects and minimal discomfort. In this blog, we list five steps you can take to ensure that you're ready for your root canal treatment after your dentist recommends this common procedure.

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